Chambers announces Executive Sponsor roles for 2020

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21 Dec 2019

As part of our internal D&I network INSPIRE and also as part of the wider Chambers Diversity & Inclusion external programme, we are delighted to announce the Chambers and Partners executive sponsors for inclusion and sustainability. Each executive member will be championing an area across the business.

Our executive sponsors:
James Lee, Chief Technology Officer – Age & Disability
Alistair Youngman, Chief Product Officer – Corporate Social Responsibility
Rick Jakubowski, Chief Product Officer – Corporate Social Responsibility
Dee Sekar, D&I Director – Environment & Sustainability
Tim Noble, Chief Executive Officer – Gender
Matthew Taylor, Global People Director – LGBT+
Rhianna James Moore, Marketing Director – Mental Health & Wellbeing
Matthew Phillips, Commercial Director – Parents & Carers
Rieta Ghosh, Editor-In-Chief – Race & Ethnicity
Paul Grayston, Chief Finance Officer – Social Mobility

Each executive sponsor receives monthly training from the D&I team and their role is assessed as part of their overall performance objectives.

We look forward to working with you on our inclusion and sustainability journey in 2020!