Chambers D&I Latin America Report 2022

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3 Nov 2022

Creating the best practice report

The eighth annual Chambers Diversity and Inclusion Latin America Awards saw leading law firms and companies from across Latin America submitting their incredible efforts to advance diversity and inclusion through internal initiatives, local and global community programs, and network building. We also saw the focus and advancement of pro bono work and sustainability efforts highlighted in last year’s report develop at an impressive rate, reinforcing firms’ commitment to this vital work.

From the hundreds of nominations we receive, the Chambers D&I team is tasked with picking out the very best initiatives, analysing their effectiveness and rewarding a deserving few at our annual awards ceremony in Miami. This, our second annual Latin America Report, provides an opportunity to take a deep dive into many of the most innovative and interesting programs submitted through a variety of profiles and case studies. The Report aims to provide readers with inspiration, practical tips and best practice guidance.

The 2022 Report begins with a collaboration between four firms in different Latin America countries sharing experience and expertise from their different affinity groups to mitigate blind spots and advance together. From there, we look at three key trends that repeatedly surfaced in the submissions: mental health support; collaboration with entrepreneurs; and disability inclusion.

Each section covers how these successful initiatives were established, the challenges they had to overcome and how they managed to achieve their aims. The combination of case studies and profiles details collaborations from local NGOs to huge multinationals, within firms and across countries. The common denominator in all the pieces included is absolute commitment to the cause, and a determination to make a difference.

As always, we’ve included editorial pieces from the Chambers Diversity and Inclusion team with our reflections on the key trends in Latin America. We hope that this briefing will help support you in your D&I, Pro Bono and ESG programs, and look forward to continually collaborating with the legal profession through our research and events.#

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Chambers D&I Latin America Report 2022

Working together to create change

Chambers would like to thank the organisations that contributed to this edition of the report:

  • Barros & Errázuriz
  • Beccar Varela
  • Cervieri Monsuárez
  • Dreams SA
  • Gómez-Pinzón
  • Meta
  • Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C.
  • Miranda & Amado
  • Perez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen
  • PPO Abogados
  • White & Case LLP

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