Italian lawyer Cathy La Torre sets up COVID-19 support group

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17 Mar 2020

In addition to the help provided by not-for-profit organisations operating in Italy, Italian citizens affected by the coronavirus emergency have been able to rely on support offered by a number of informal groups that have been created on social media to show solidarity.

Italian lawyer, Cathy La Torre, has been actively involved in launching a group offering assistance in the Bologna region. The group offers assistance with delivering groceries, helping with household chores and offering a listening ear. The name of this group isHai un’influenza sul mondo – Bologna (meaning: “You have influence over the world, Bologna”) and the slogan is: “We are isolated, but we are not alone!”

Cathy is not new to community activism as she is also the mastermind behind the very successful social media campaign #odiareticosta (which translates in #HateCostsYou) against online hate, bullying and harassment.

Cathy is a great example of how lawyers can put their passion and their skills to good use during these difficult times. We hope she will inspire others across the world.