VIDEO: Dr Gregory Burke: "We need attainable role models of the everyday"

Dr Gregory Burke
26 Nov 2019

Dr Burke has overcome personal obstacles to become a barrister and a prolific champion for disability. Within five years of being called to the Bar, Gregory was Head of Employment Law at 7 Bedford Row, leading a team of 28 barristers. He works across disability, equality and employment law cases and has trained other lawyers on a number of aspects of disability compensation.

He is the Founder of, a website that gives disabled people accurate, very detailed access information, so that they may assess for themselves whether a place is accessible for their own particular requirements which currently has around 2 million users. Gregory continues to mentor other disabled people and has been on radio and TV numerous times where he has spoken about disabled people’s rights at work and in everyday life. He is the inclusion link governor at a local school where he champions the inclusion of children across the relevant protected characteristics.

In this interview, he explains the need of attainable role models of the everyday, the importance of allies and the diversity work he does.

“You don’t have to be a 9-gold-medal-winning Paralympian in order to be successful”