Overcoming challenges and successfully driving gender and racial parity from pipeline to leadership

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We are delighted to be working with Daniel Law on this vital discussion about advancing gender and racial equity through inclusive policies, as well as the vital importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Discussion topics also include:

  • Attraction, recruitment and progression of diverse employees;
  • Impact of inclusive policies to sustain an equitable workforce such as equal pay;
  • Mental health & Wellbeing – the important role organisations can play in supporting the mental and physical health of employees.


  • Alejandra Castro, Head Legal, Patents and Compliance PACA, Bayer
  • Gonzalo Smith Ferrer, Chief Legal & Governance Officer and Corporate Secretary, Falabella S.A. LLB
  • Isabella Cardozo, Partner and Head of Trademarks, Daniel Law
  • Marcia Santos, Lawyer, iMusica
  • Dee Sekar, D&I Director, Chambers and Partners